Castle If returns to The Music Gallery on August 25th to celebrate the release of her long-anticipated sci-fi concept album Sector 03. Drawing comparisons between William Gibson’s cyberpunk masterpiece Neuromancer and time spent working in the seedy underbelly of Toronto, Sector 03 depicts a dystopian near-future city where its inhabitants are unaware of the simulation they are a part of. Fuelled by a disdain for social media, while taking cues from Laurie Anderson, John Carpenter, and library music, Sector 03 is Castle If’s most accessible work to-date.

Joining her is Scott Hardware. Having mastered the art of hazy, tape-soaked techno (and the accompanying dance parties), his new works are an exercise in duality. Venturing into the avant-garde, he creates maximalist piano ballads swallowed by noise; imagine French chansons and singer / songwriters rubbing up against Detroit electro and experimental ambient music. Scott Hardware pushes the infinite possibilities of his gear, breathing life into each machine. This is music that pits the organic world against the digital.

Castle If is the moniker of Canadian electronic composer Jess Forrest. Equipped with a small, yet powerful assembly of analog synthesizers, she crafts retro-futuristic “cosmic exotica” inspired by the strange sounds of the synth pioneers that forged electronica. The eerie yet comfortingly familiar echoes of lounge and library music shaped into a dream of the future. -- Forrest has appeared on bills alongside artists such as Faust, Silver Apples, U.S. Girls, Grimes, and Julianna Barwick. Her performance at Allan Gardens during last year’s Intersection festival was chosen as one of NOW Magazine’s best shows of 2017.

Co-presented with The Music Gallery. Tickets: $12 regular, $10 advance, $8 members. Doors at 7:30. Show at 8:00.







"Castle If channels a lesser known spirit of New Age. It touches the part of the brain that makes you move like your soul is on fire. One of Toronto’s most captivating performers."

- James Lindsay, WEIRD CANADA.

"Masterfully understated."

- Mark Streeter, NOW MAGAZINE.

"Sector 03 has officially become the most anticipated album here at our office."

- Alt Altman, SILENT SHOUT.

Sector 03 live video by Lisa Folkerson.